Friday, January 10, 2014


I suppose I could start off this blog by telling you all how Tim and I came about being a couple!
It all started at a youth event called "The Place" at Casas Church; it was an event where youth groups from all around Tucson could come and hang out. We were 12 at the time, so we just entered middle school. I was there with my two best friends Areanna, and Alicia. That week in school a teacher asked us "If you were a hot dog, would you eat yourself?", and for some reason we thought that was an awesome question. Well, us girls were roaming the place for some people to ask that stupid, stupid question to. We saw three boys hanging out so we went up and asked them this question (which they still have yet to answer). After talking for a while we invited Tim, Zach, and Trevor to our youth group. For some weird reason we gave the boys fake names and they all thought my name was Riley for a good amount of time. I mean, it was so convincing the first Christmas present Tim ever bought me said "To: Riley", I still laugh so hard about that. Anyways, as you can see, I eventually fessed up and gave him my real name.

So two years go by of us going to the same youth group and Tim and I obviously liked each other. Here's something funny; Tim "dated" Alicia, and I can perfectly remember him asking her out, but I can't remember him asking ME out when we were 14. What I do remember is us breaking up. We were dating for a couple of weeks and Tim said "I love you". I thought "EXCUSE ME, WE ARE 14, WE DON'T KNOW WHAT LOVE IS." I wanted to break up with him for being too "immature" not realizing how immature I was being going around flirting with other boys still. I can still remember where we were standing and what was happening when we broke up, it's so hilarious now. He knew it was coming so he was avoiding eye contact with me the whole night.

When we were 15, Tim has a New Years Eve party and I sooo badly wanted him to kiss me that night. And he might have if I didn't spend the whole night at the toilet with food poisoning. Later I found out another girl had kissed him and booooyyyy was I peeved. Once Tim and I could drive we would hang out sometimes and go to ihop, and I was always wishing at the end of the night he would kiss me. The funny thing is, even when we were 16 I wouldn't get to physically affectionate with him because I was prepping just incase he was going to be my husband, and I didn't want things to move too fast. So that probably explains why he never kissed me, I never really gave out the physical vibe. Some time went by and Tim and I got kind of distant, but  I would still invite him to all my school plays and youth group events. (I just talked to Tim and he said during this whole story he was still trying to date me, apparently I wasn't getting it.)

When we were about 17 and 18 we started hanging out again, yay! We would get ice cream, or we would go hang out on the trampoline in my backyard, or go to ihop like we used to, but I would never let him call it a date, it was just two friends hanging out. One night he looked at me and told me he wanted to start dating me officially. Back then I was way too flirtatious to be held down, and I told him I wasn't ready for that kind of commitment. A little while later, he had a girlfriend. I was really...sad and pissed at myself for saying that I wasn't ready. But in all honesty, I really wasn't ready and it would have probably ended up really bad if we had seriously started dating then. Tim and his girlfriend had been dating for about 10 months when I was blow drying my hair one day and I so clearly heard God tell me I was going to marry Tim Brecht. I turned off my hair dryer and just sat there like..."Umm...God, he's in a 'serious' relationship...and WHAT TIM BRECHT??" So I talked to my family about it and I just waited. I knew for a fact I was going to marry him, but I didn't interfere with their relationship because I knew God had it under control and I just needed to be patient. Finally I saw the Facebook post I had been waiting 7 months to see "Tim Brecht is now single." I didn't want to look desperate of course, so I waited to make contact. Tim's birthday rolled around and I was going up to Phoenix with a few friends to see From Indian Lakes, so I texted him and asked if he wanted to come. I remember sitting in Casas and seeing that he texted me back saying he was going to come. I for reals did not expect him to say yes haha. Well, that night we went to the show and he drove me home and that was the first night we really awesome really great hug. It doesn't seem like a lot, but it meant a lot to us. Well, ever since March 13, 2011 we were inseparable! Officially became boyfriend and girlfriend April 24, 2011, got engaged Sept 24, 2011, and got married March 24, 2012. It moved fast, but come on, it was a long journey. So there you go, that's the story of me and Tim, maybe it explains some stuff ;)


  1. This is beautiful. Good start to your blog. Glad that I have a permanent place in the "story of Tim and Christine". Love you guys!

  2. This story makes sense and explains a lot of your behavior on Big Brother. You are still very flirtatious with other men, namely Cody on Big Brother. You are very jealous of the other girls on BB and their interaction with Cody. Tim must be so hurt having to watch you flirt with Cody on National Television You are so disrespectful of him. Please seek mental help.

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    2. What gives YOU the right to call her out on anything? It's between them, and only them. You do not know the ins & outs of their relationship, nor what they truly feel. It's easy to sit behind a screen and judge another. As they say: Let those without sin, cast the first stone. I'm guessing you're perfect and have never made a mistake. Good for you, too bad the rest of us are human

    3. I agree with you Mom of a Ticcer.

      The gall of some of these commenters and Big Brother viewers. It makes me sick. Who the hell are they to judge other people based on a freaking TV game show. Makes me think 80% of feed watchers are losers. Don't let any of these comments drag you down Christine. This is totally between you and Tim and not some cat lady named Jackie. Stay strong.

    4. When you put your life on display and don't know how to act like a respectful married get judged! Even though it's a birds eye view of your life. Don't go on national t.v. and act up.

    5. I totally see what you're saying Jackie and thought the same things myself. To Ticcer Mom I can only confess that of course I'm not perfect BUT I have been observing the HGs on live feeds for 2 months now. And let me tell you, the masks on all of these folks have fallen away and I do believe they have revealed who they are. That's just the way it is. It's Human Nature.

      In example, just compare Donny to Christine. They have both been living in the same House and playing a high stress competitive Kingpin Reality TV show Game. Donny has been under even more pressure than the other HGs as they have made him feel hated and isolated by his differences compared to them. Christine knows this as she has been particularly hateful towards Donny. But as the pressure and stress have increased, Donny's character has revealed him to be consistently kind, tolerant, compassionate, and positive.

      Now compare what the pressure and stress have revealed about Christine. She has bashed every HG on a personal level, even those out of the house who no longer make a difference to her own game. She has made unkind negative comments on just about everything and really shredded Donny's character in particular. He has not returned the negativity though he has certainly felt it against himself. Christine has been slanderous and contemptuous in general as well (including making questionable advances of a sexual nature on a HG and Constantly and reflexively laughing, a particularly soulless sound devoid of any Joy). She has spoken poorly of nearly everyone (including America ie we viewers!). So you see, same stress and pressure on 2 different people produced 2 different outcomes. You get it now?

      Try to understand. We live feeders tune in to see game play develop. We love Big Brother!! We tune in for the game! After the cast gets comfortable and begins to forget about the cameras we also begin to see the real personalities of these folks. It's inevitable. It can't help but happen. This is why Christine is getting these responses. It's difficult to watch. MANY people, myself included, supported Christine at the start and expected to see some great game play from her. It has been a Massive letdown to see her presence in the house be reduced to this.

      As for BB Fan Mike, your comment seems truly bizarre as you call yourself a fan of the show but call 80% of viewers losers?? That's a pretty high number. How do you rate that special 20%, or are you one of the 80% too LOL?? At any rate, the truth remains that what is observable will be observed, in Human Nature as well as on the live feeds.

      Back to Christine, I hope you can learn from your experience in the house and, thank you for what you have reminded me: to be kind to All as there might be Angels walking amongst us in disguise. But I thank Donny most of all for he has reminded me that kindness and that rare quality of humility are what make perfectly ordinary human beings the Angels among us. Good luck & Peace. <3

  3. It is nice to read this side of you Christine.:-)

  4. You are a disgrace. I feel do sorry for Tim

  5. Big brother fans are absolutely ridiculous (not everyone but many of them). I find it ridiculous that people can stand there and say all these ridiculous things. First of all, let me start by saying that I am not a fan of Christine on the show. I do not like her gameplay and the fact that she has gotten personal is a turn off so I am not rooting for her to win as a player. I do not hate her though because I do not know her (and watching her play a game for 3 months DOES NOT COUNT as knowing her). Yes after weeks in that house the HGs personalities so start to show. We have seem how hateful Christine can be and that she has self esteem/jealousy issues (which I think are manifestations of her mental problems but that's only my unprofessional opinion). It has been very rude for her to judge other people like Donny, who is kindhearted, and talk shit about him. However to call it the worse thing ever is an extreme exaggeration. EVERYONE talks shit about other people they don't like. That is what you all are doing to Christine right now. If she is despicable what does that make you guys? It is human nature to dislike people and it is so common to talk bad about them. Everyone talks shit and if you are denying that you do then not only are you sanctimonious but you are also a liar. Let's also look to the fact that these people went in there to play a game. They did not go there to make America like them, they did not go in there to love everyone, they did not go in there to show you all their kind and loving soul. Do you really find it amazing that Christine isn't showing these 15 strangers who are her competition compassion? Is it mean and cold? Yes. But it's also mean and cold of you guys to assume that she doesn't have a kind side to her just because she isn't broadcasting it to these people. I'm sure if you ask Tim he will tell you that there is more to her personality than you are seeing.

    I am not defending the nasty things Christine has said. I don't support them and I'm not even a fan of her. But I am tired of people hypocritically judging her and acting like they are perfect and have never done anything that she is doing. She should know better but so should you all. Stop acting like you know her (you don't). Stop acting like you are perfect (you aren't). And stop becoming so emotionally invested in a fucking TV show to the point where it skews your logic and deludes you into thinking you actually know these people or that you're any better than them. Think about all the judging, bashing, and hating you do in your life and think about how if you were on a show that watched you 24/7, how the bad parts of your personality would also come out. Rant over.

  6. Dear Christine, I too have been watching you on Big Brother and I understand some of you behavior as you do want to win the money. I feel sorry thought that when Jocasta was speaking in tongues you had made a statement that she was not speaking in tongues. That there had to be an interpreter there to interpret what she was saying. Yes, Christine that was in the Old Testament, we are now living in the New Testament. The sad thing is that you said you have read up on this, and if you have done this you should also know the greatest sin that God does not forgive is the Blasphemy of the Holy Ghost. By you denying his Holy language you have Blashphemed the Holy Ghost. The other sad thing was that you did that on national TV. There might of been a person who was at a cross road in their life who seeing Jocasta speaking to God and you bore a false witness to her. You also, gave Caleb the wrong information, he too spoke on what you were saying, I believe he was just mimicking what you were saying. Christine, I am praying for you though and pray that you as for Forgiveness.

  7. 1 year or less before you guys split.

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